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Founded in 1978, Punati is the revolutionary company that changed the air freshener industry forever with true odor eliminators, not just heavy fragrance cover-ups. As the makers of SMELLS BEGONE®, Clear Air®, air essentials®, Doozy®, and Naturals Pet Products, Punati has been the global industry leader that homes, schools, and institutions including hospitals, offices, and automotive facilities trust for their cleaning, home, pet, and air care needs.


Punati Corp. operates out of two manufacturing facilities in Auburn Hills, Michigan. For over 45 years we have
created, developed, and supported global businesses

with all of their manufacturing needs.

Find out about our flagship
and global brands SMELLS BEGONE®, Clear Air®, a
ir essentials®, Naturals Pet Products, Doozy®, and Ultimate Cleaners and Hand Soaps. These lines of products include Air Fresheners, Odor Eliminators, Stain Removers, Odor Absorbers, Sprays, Soaps, and Cleaners for your home or office.

We offer a selection of industrial strength soaps and deodorants for every use. Our non-toxic products effectively clean and deodorize a variety of environments from factories to hospitals.

We provide custom private label programs tailored for your specific needs. Please contact us in regard to your requirements for our contract packaging, filling, warehousing, shipping, lab and custom formulations.

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