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Our Story


The Beginning

Punati Corp. was founded in 1978 by Bernard Shandler. Ever since his days in the military, Mr. Shandler had been interested in ways to eliminate foul odors. After his retirement as a corporate attorney, he investigated alternatives to the fragrance cover-ups and the toxic brands that were on the market at the time. He started his own company and named it Punati, the Sanskrit word meaning “to purify.”The result was a pioneering achievement of producing product to get to the root of bad odors by altering protein that odor-causing bacteria feed on. Instead of camouflaging the odors, this new “miracle product” reduced odors through “The Process of Elimination.”Punati is located in a Detroit suburb and its first customers were the “Big Three” automotive companies. These companies had a common problem — foul odor was commonplace in heavy machining and production. The nauseating smells created an unpleasant work environment. The only available remedies were toxic biocides and scented cover-ups. Punati’s products eliminated the noxious odors safely and effectively, creating a cleaner, healthier and more productive plant environment.The factories also used the new product to sanitize each restroom and floors. Word of the deodorizing properties spread to hospitals, nursing homes and veterinary clinics.

The Evolution of Air Fresheners and Odor Eliminators for the Home

Punati decided to investigate a consumer version of its industrial product line after an automotive engineer made off hand remarks that many employees were utilizing the product at home. Then, Punati Senior Vice President Jeff Shandler, the founder’s son, explored the potential consumer uses of the industrial product. He was put in charge of research and development of a consumer product.

Introduced in 1990, SMELLS BEGONE® brought “The Process of Elimination” to the home front.

Homeowners discovered that they could use the product to eliminate unpleasant odors around the house. The odors from diaper pails, pets and smokers could be neutralized easily with a non-toxic, non-allergenic, biodegradable and environmentally safe product.

SMELLS BEGONE® Odor Absorber, which was introduced in 1998, eliminates and absorbs odors in rooms up to 400 square feet for 90 days.

In 2000, the company introduced its first scented product, SMELLS BEGONE® Citrus, a water based product using natural citrus oils. More scents have been added since then.

In 2008, the company introduced gel beads to neutralize odors and fragrance the air with a decorative flair.

Consumers can rely on the safety and effectiveness of all of Punati Corp.’s products; we have been eliminating odors for almost 30 years.

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